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Welcome to our comprehensive employee onboarding resource webpage! Here, you'll find a wealth of valuable videos, policies, procedures, and essential information curated to ensure a smooth and successful journey as you join our team.

Walnut Orchard - Circa 2018


Electronic Signature Acknowledgement

We value the efficiency and security of our processes. To ensure streamlined documentation, we have implemented the Electronic Signature Acknowledgement policy. This policy streamlines sign-offs for various documents, enhancing convenience and reducing paper usage. You can access the detailed policy documents by clicking the link below.


Biometric Information

In our commitment to modernize processes while safeguarding sensitive information, we introduce the Biometric Collection Information policy. This policy outlines the secure procedures for collecting and utilizing biometric data, enhancing accuracy and data protection. To review the comprehensive policy documents, please click the link provided below.


Photo/Video Release Form

Capturing and sharing our journey is important, and to ensure everyone's privacy and comfort, we have instituted the Photo/Video Release Form policy. This policy details the guidelines for obtaining consent before using any individual's likeness in photos or videos. To familiarize yourself with the full policy, please access the documents through the link below.

Employee Policies

A & A Dasso Farms, Inc. Employee Policies

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Welcome to your new job with A & A Dasso Farms, Inc. We hope your experience here is a positive one. These employee policies have been developed to help you understand what this company expects of you, and what you can expect from the company. If you have any questions, please ask your supervisor or the person who explains this to you.

Employment and Termination Policies
This company does not discriminate and offers equal employment opportunities to all applicants. Workers are hired based on the experience necessary to perform the job they are applying for. Additionally, all employees must provide verification of their legal right to work in the United States. For minors under the age of 18, a worker's permit must also be provided. Providing false information on the application for employment may result in termination of your employment.


Your employment with this company is at-will, meaning that your employment may be terminated at any time by either the company or you, the employee, with or without prior notice.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please direct them to your supervisor. If you are not satisfied with your supervisor's response, you may contact Andrew Dasso, the owner of the company. However, please speak with your supervisor first before reaching out to Mr. Dasso.

Reporting to Work
This seasonal work requires all workers to be dependable. If you are unable to come to work or will be arriving late, please notify us in advance or as soon as possible. Failing to inform us of your absence can be grounds for dismissal. If you miss two days of work without notifying the company, you will be automatically dismissed. Please ensure your transportation and childcare arrangements are dependable so that you can fulfill your work responsibilities.

During busy days in the season, you may be required to work overtime. Overtime will only be authorized by your supervisor. We comply with all legal requirements for paying overtime wages.

Pay Periods, Paydays, and Payroll Deductions
Pay periods and paydays may vary, but generally, the pay period begins on Friday and ends on Thursday. You will usually receive your paycheck at the office at 4:30 pm on Monday. Your supervisor will inform you of any changes to the pay period or payday.

Your paycheck stub will identify certain deductions that we are legally required to make from your earnings. These deductions include social security, state and federal income taxes, and state disability insurance. The amount of taxes deducted is determined by the number of dependents you claim on the W-4 form you complete when you are hired.

In addition to deductions from your pay, the company also contributes an equal amount to the social security fund on your behalf, as well as payments to the unemployment insurance fund. You may be eligible for unemployment benefits when your work ends here.

Rules, Misconduct, and Disciplinary Procedures
To ensure a smooth work environment, we have the following rules that we expect you to follow. Using common courtesy and adhering to these rules will help avoid any issues.

  1. Keep accurate timecards or work production records.

  2. Follow all instructions provided by your supervisor.

  3. Always work while sober and free of drug effects.

  4. Respect your fellow employees and do not harass or intimidate them. 

  5. Respect the company's and fellow employees' property; do not abuse or steal it. 

  6. Notify your supervisor if you are unable to report for work.

  7. Work only the hours for which you have been authorized. 

  8. Report any work injury to your supervisor immediately. 

  9. Allow other workers to perform their duties without interruptions.

  10. Get along peacefully with all coworkers and report problems to your supervisor

  11. Smoke only in designated areas outside the buildings; no smoking is allowed inside.

  12. Use lunch and break periods for eating, resting, or personal business, not during work hours.

Visitors are allowed in the parking area only during lunch or break periods.
Use cell phones or Dasso phones during work hours for emergencies or work-related issues only. All personal calls should be made during breaks or lunch.
This is a partial list of rules and misconduct. Additionally, we have several safety rules that are explained separately. Any form of misconduct, whether listed here or not, may result in disciplinary action, ranging from verbal or written warnings to suspension or discharge, depending on the severity of the violation. The owner and supervisors have the authority to determine appropriate disciplinary actions.


Drug & Alcohol Policy
A & A Dasso Farms Inc. and Beecher Lane Walnut Inc. are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. To ensure safety, the use, sale, and possession of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, firearms, and ammunition are strictly prohibited on any of our locations. The use of legal or prescription drugs must be reported to the supervisor to determine if the worker can safely perform their job.

Employees may be required to take an alcohol or drug test under the following conditions:

  • Prior to employment as part of the pre-employment physical examination.

  • If a supervisor suspects that the employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • If the employee is involved in a work-related accident, injury, or causes personal injury to others or property damage.

Refusal to submit to a drug or alcohol test under these conditions may result in immediate termination. A positive drug or alcohol test result indicating the employee is under the influence is also grounds for immediate termination. Employees may be suspended pending the test results.


Cell Phone Policy
This policy regarding cell phone usage applies to any device that makes or receives phone calls, leaves messages, sends text messages, surfs the internet, or allows for reading and responding to emails, whether the device is company-supplied or personally owned.

Company Owned and Personal Devices or Vehicles While on the Job: While we understand employees may use personal or company-supplied cell phones while at work, they can be a distraction in the workplace. Using cell phones while operating moving equipment, such as tractors, forklifts, harvesting equipment, or packing shed equipment, is strictly prohibited. This includes receiving or placing calls, text messaging, receiving or responding to emails, checking for phone messages, or any other purpose related to work or personal activities.

We acknowledge that distractions can occur during driving, and we aim to minimize risks for our employees. Therefore, if you need to use your cell phone while driving, you must stop your vehicle in a safe location to do so. This also applies to using cell phones while operating a forklift or working with another employee operating heavy machinery.

You may only use your cell phone for work-related or emergency purposes during company time. Personal calls should be made during breaks or lunch hours.


Prohibition of Selling Items on A & A Dasso Farms, Inc. Property
A & A Dasso Farms, Inc. strictly prohibits any form of selling items on its premises, including but not limited to foods, drinks, crafts, and other merchandise. This policy applies to all employees and visitors on the property. The sale of any items without explicit authorization from the management is considered a violation of company regulations. We prioritize a safe and productive environment for all employees and guests and request full compliance with this policy to maintain the integrity of our operations. Any breach of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


Disciplinary Action Policy
Employees who violate this policy may face disciplinary actions, up to and including termination, depending on the severity of the infraction.


Work-Related Injuries
If you are injured or become ill while at work, immediately notify your supervisor. Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring that you receive medical treatment. Workers' compensation insurance will cover all medical costs and lost income after a specified waiting period. As soon as possible, you will be required to fill out the "Employee's Claim for Workers' Compensation" form.


Seasonal Layoffs
As our work is seasonal, layoffs occur as the season ends. Generally, layoffs are based on seniority and performance. Those with the most experience and best work performance will be the last to be laid off. Some employees may be transferred to different departments when their current department's services are no longer needed.


Sick Leave Policy Addendum
If an employee has an absence that would otherwise violate the employer's attendance policy, and if the absence was for a reason not covered under the paid sick leave law, the employer is not required to allow the employee to use paid sick leave for that absence, and it is not a violation of the law for the employer to give an "occurrence" for such absence.

The paid sick leave law provides that an employer shall provide paid sick days for the following purposes:

• (1) Diagnosis, care, or treatment of an existing health condition of, or preventive care for, an employee or an employee's family member.

• (2) For an employee who is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, the purposes described in subdivision (c) of Section 230 and subdivision (a) of Section 230.1. (Lab. Code § 246.5, subd. (a).) An employer is not required to allow an employee to use accrued paid sick days for reasons other than those listed in the statute (as quoted above).

The employee may decide how much accrued paid sick leave he or she wants to use (for example, whether you want to take an entire day, or only part of a day). Your employer can require you to take a minimum of at least two hours of paid sick leave at a time, but otherwise, the determination of how much time is needed is left to the employee.

Do I have to notify my employer before taking sick leave? The employee must notify the employer in advance if the sick leave is planned, as may be the case with scheduled doctors' visits; who turns in their permission slip to be gone or a doctor note. If the need is unforeseeable, the employee needs only to give notice as soon as practical, as may occur in the case of unanticipated illness or a medical emergency.

Employees may accrue paid sick leave and may request and use up to 3 days or 24 hours, payable 2 hours a month. For example: If you did not take any until April 3rd, you would have available 2 for January, 2 for February, 2 for March, which you could request for the purposes listed above.

How do I qualify for paid sick leave? To qualify for sick leave, an employee must:

Work for the same employer on or after January 1, 2015.

Earn 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked within a year in California.
Satisfy a 90 working days employment period (similar to a probationary period) before taking any sick leave.

We hope this policy provides you with a clear understanding of our expectations and procedures. Your safety, well-being, and productivity are essential to us, and we strive to create a positive and supportive work environment for all employees. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please don't hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or any member of our management team.

Once again, welcome to A & A Dasso Farms, Inc. We look forward to working with you and wish you success in your new role. Thank you for being a part of our team.

Cell Phone Policy
Property Sales Prohibition
Work Related Injuries
Seasonal Layoffs
Sick Leave
Heat Illness Prevention

Heat Illness Training and Prevention Plan

Guidelines for Heat Illness Prevention

  1. Working in hot conditions can cause heat to build up in your body. To cool down, your body sweats, leading to water loss. Failing to replace lost fluids can be dangerous.

  2. In hot and humid or still conditions, the body releases heat more slowly, increasing the risk of heat-related stress.

  3. Certain individuals are more susceptible to heat stress, including older men, overweight individuals, pregnant women, and people on medication.

  4. To reduce heat build-up, consider resting or working at a slower pace to allow your body to release heat gradually.

  5. Taking breaks and seeking shade can shield you from direct sun rays, preventing further heat absorption.

  6. Wearing hats and appropriate clothing can help minimize heat accumulation in the body.

  7. Staying hydrated is crucial to counteract water loss from sweating and maintain body cooling.

  8. Aim to drink at least one quart of water or more to replenish lost fluids. Supervisors should encourage regular breaks and water intake on hot days.

  9. Give your body time to adjust to hot conditions gradually. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they cause water loss without sweating.

  10. Recognize early signs of heat-related illnesses, such as loss of strength, dizziness, and loss of concentration. Symptoms may progress to nausea, headaches, fainting, clammy skin, and heat stroke.

  11. If you experience any heat illness symptoms, seek immediate help by finding shade, using wet clothing to cool down, drinking cool water or electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, and notifying your supervisor or calling for emergency assistance.

  12. Report any signs of heat-related illnesses among yourself or your co-workers to your supervisor/foreman promptly.

  13. A&A DASSO FARMS strongly advises against consuming beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee, soda, tea, and energy drinks (e.g., Red Bull, 180, Rock Star), to minimize the risk of dehydration.

Food Safety

A & A Dasso Farms, Inc. Employee Policies: Food Safety

As an employee of A & A Dasso Farms, Inc. I acknowledge the following statements and agree to comply with company policies and procedures surrounding Food Safety:

  • Employees are required to wash their hands before beginning or returning to work.

  • All employees and all visitors to the location are required to follow proper sanitation and hygiene practices.

  • Employees must smoke and eat in designated areas separate from where the product is handled.

  • Employees will not use harvesting containers, totes, etc., for carrying or storing non-produce items.

  • I agree to keep employee facilities (locker rooms, lunch and break areas, etc.) clean and located away from the packing area.

  • Employees and visitors follow a written policy regarding the use of hair nets/beard nets in the production area as needed.

  • Employees and visitors follow a written policy of no jewelry in the production area.

  • I will keep the plant grounds free of litter and debris.

  • I affirm that I completed watching all four videos above detailing food safety policies and procedures.

  • Training on proper sanitation and hygiene practices has been provided to me (see videos above).

Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  1. Maintain personal cleanliness by bathing or showering and changing into clean clothes daily to prevent potential microbial contamination.

  2. Keep nails short and clean to avoid pathogen contamination; avoid wearing nail polish, acrylic nails, gel nails, skin medicines, or hand cosmetics.

  3. Refrain from bringing jewelry or objects that could fall into packing equipment, products, or containers.

  4. Avoid wearing hand jewelry that cannot be adequately sanitized; if unable to remove certain jewelry like wedding bands, cover them with a blue band-aid and use impermeable gloves.

  5. Store personal belongings away from food processing areas and equipment, preferably in your car.

  6. Wear suitable garments (e.g., smocks, aprons, overalls) to protect against product, food-contact surface, or food packaging contamination.

  7. Always wear effective hair restraints, such as hairnets, caps, and beard nets, to prevent hair from contaminating the product or equipment. Long sleeves and plastic sleeves are required for the production line.

  8. Thoroughly wash hands at designated hand-washing stations and sanitize them to prevent undesirable microorganism contamination. Wash hands before starting work, after each absence from the workstation (especially after using the bathroom), and whenever they become soiled.

  9. If using impermeable gloves, maintain them in intact, clean, and sanitary conditions. If not using gloves, sanitize hands after washing them and before returning to your work area.

  10. Refrain from eating food, chewing gum, drinking beverages, using tobacco, chewing on toothpicks, using cough drops, or placing anything in your mouth where product or processing equipment is exposed.

  11. Take all necessary precautions to prevent contamination of food contact surfaces and packaging materials, including avoiding contact with perspiration, saliva, hair, chemicals, tobacco, and skin medicines.

  12. Adhere to all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to prevent food contamination. In the event of food tampering, criminal activity, or suspected terrorism, products will be placed on hold until cleared by authorities, and employees must immediately alert their supervisor, who will contact Law Enforcement.

  13. Keep shirt pockets free of pencils, pens, or any items that could potentially fall into the product or processing area.

  14. Employees must stay home if feeling ill. If they become ill at work, they must leave and return only when fully recovered.

  15. Cover open wounds, cuts, and sores with blue metal detectable bandages and impermeable gloves until completely healed. If the wound cannot be contained, the employee will be asked to stay home until it heals entirely.

Medical Implimetation Notice

Medical Provider Network (MPN) Implementation Notice

Your employer has a new Medical Provider Network (MPN) to treat work-related injuries. Unless you have properly pre-designated a physician or medical group prior to an injury, any new work-related injuries arising on or after 01-01-2016 will be treated by providers in the new Medical Provider Network, ICW Group Premier MPN.

If you have an existing injury, you may be required to change treatment to a provider in the new MPN. Please discuss this with your claims adjuster.

You may obtain more information about your rights and obligations within the
MP from the workers' compensation poster at your worksite from your employer.

By completing the information below, I acknowledge that I have received information regarding my rights under the new Medical Provider Network (MPN) program, administered by Harbor One, MPN, for the sole purpose of treatment should I become injured or ill on the job.


The information given to me includes:
• The Harbor One (MPN) ID # 2299 implementation notice

Company Name: A & A Dasso Farms, Inc./Beecher Lane Walnut, Inc.

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