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The sweet, tasty stone fruit begins to bloom in early March to prepare for harvest in May and June.  After bloom, the cherries begin to form. Once closer to harvest, the cherries begin to ripen, resulting in sweet, deep, red fleshed delicious fruit.


From Blooms...


Given our climate, the warm spring days and cool spring nights provides us the opportunity of growing the perfect cherries. The warm valley days provide sweetness to the cherry. In the evening, the cooler nights replenish the moisture the tree has lost over the day.

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Our cherries are picked at the perfect time to ensure ripeness and provide a sweet snack. During the time of May and June, Dasso Farms will be harvesting, packing and shipping delicious cherries to be found in stores locally, nationally and internationally. We have exported our product to Canada, the Pacific Rim and Europe.

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We ensure our cherries are grown efficiently and sustainably throughout the year. Post-harvest is devoted to preparing the orchards for next year's fruit. Orchard maintenance includes pruning, watering and resupplying the tree with nutrients that were used to create the previous year's crop.

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Our cherries are non-GMO, naturally vegan & gluten free, and kosher certified.

One of the most popular cherries in the industry is the Bing varietal, it is rich in flavor, deep in color and has a crunchy finish.

We process over half a dozen cherry varieties, these include:



Coral Champagne





Here at Dasso Farms, we grow, pack and ship all of our products, ensuring quality is consistent throughout and maintaining GAP Certification. We also pack and ship local farmers' cherries, who are also  GAP Certified**  resulting in providing quality produce and selling only premium products to reach the end consumer.

We are environmentally conscientious with packaging supplies and using just the right amount to be sustainable, efficient and not wasteful. We also have incorporated using solar on our facility in order to conserve electricity.

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If you would like to learn more about the California Cherry industry, you can find more information on the California Cherry Board website.

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