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Our cherries are a true labor of love, beginning their journey in early March when the stone fruit begins to bloom in preparation for harvest season in May and June. As the cherries begin to form, they are carefully tended to until they are ready to ripen, resulting in the sweet, deep, red-fleshed fruit that we know and love. With every bite, you can taste the care and dedication that goes into each and every cherry we grow.


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Our cherries are truly a product of their environment. Nestled in a region with warm spring days and cool spring nights, we have the perfect conditions for growing the most delicious cherries. The warmth of the valley sun imbues our cherries with unparalleled sweetness, while the cool evening breeze brings much-needed moisture to the trees, replenishing what was lost during the day. This delicate balance between warm and cool temperatures ensures that every cherry we grow is bursting with flavor and freshness.

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Indulge in the deliciously sweet taste of our perfectly ripe cherries, picked at just the right time to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. With the harvest season spanning from May to June, Dasso Farms works tirelessly to pick, pack, and ship our mouth-watering cherries to stores both locally and worldwide. Our cherries are so delicious that they have found a loyal following among customers across Canada, the Pacific Rim, and Europe. Whether you're enjoying our cherries as a snack or incorporating them into your favorite recipes, you can rest assured that you're getting the very best from our dedicated team at Dasso Farms.

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At our farm, we are committed to sustainable and efficient cherry farming practices year-round. After each harvest, we dedicate ourselves to preparing our orchards for the next year's crop. This involves meticulous maintenance, including pruning, watering, and replenishing the trees with the nutrients necessary for creating the highest quality cherries. By implementing these sustainable practices, we ensure that our orchards continue to thrive, providing delicious cherries for years to come.

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Our cherries are non-GMO, naturally vegan & gluten free, and kosher certified.

One of the most popular cherries in the industry is the Bing varietal. It is rich in flavor, deep in color and has a crunchy finish.

We process over half a dozen cherry varieties, these include:




Coral Champagne





Here at Dasso Farms, we grow, pack and ship all of our products, ensuring quality is consistent throughout and maintaining GAP Certification.  Additionally, we collaborate with local farmers who are GAP Certified** ensuring that we source and deliver high-quality cherries. By working closely with these farmers, we are committed to selling only the best products to our end consumers, and take pride in our ability to provide premium produce. Our services include packing and shipping the cherries from these farmers, further strengthening our commitment to quality assurance.

At our facility, we prioritize environmental sustainability by carefully managing our use of packaging supplies. Our approach is to use just the right amount of packaging, ensuring that we are both efficient and not wasteful. Additionally, we have implemented the use of solar power, which helps us conserve electricity and reduce our carbon footprint. Our commitment to sustainable practices extends throughout our operations, and we continually strive to minimize our impact on the environment.


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If you would like to learn more about the California Cherry industry, you can find more information on the California Cherry Board website.

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