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Our history
              in a nutshell...

Our History In A Nutshell

          The Dasso Family Farm started in the early 1900’s. Founder, Silvio Dasso, emigrated from Northern Italy at the age of 22 and worked as a florist in San Francisco between 1910 and 1915 to save money for his farming endeavors. Once the opportunity arose, he moved inland to farm in Stockton. In 1921 he planted row crops, cherries and later, walnuts of his own in Linden, which is a part of the beautiful, fertile Central Valley of California. As years went on, crops were rotated and the family grew. Silvio’s son, Andrew Silvio Dasso Sr., joined the farm at a young age and created a family of his own. Today, his grandson, Andrew Jr., is the Farm Manager, working with his wife of 38 years, Margaret, and their three children, Andrew III., Michael and Christine on the farm, carrying on the family business.

          Over the last century our farm has evolved into a vertically integrated operation to ensure and maintain quality from the field to a finished product on your kitchen table. Over the years we have kept up with new agricultural practices to maintain sustainability and efficiency while keeping quality a main priority.


We hope to share our delicious produce with you!

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